The Tea Party Movement represents the best hope for America in perilous times. Perilous because the Democrats and Republicans have sold America out to the New World Order / One World Government of the Washington Lobbyists, New York Lawyers, and Wall Street Gangster Banksters.

This movement represents one of many grassroot movements initiated by the American People who are determined to resist the globalization of American life, the reduction of their liberties and the quality of their life. Make no mistake: it is a life and death struggle. It is your life and liberties at stake and it will determine the intensity of the struggle your children will be faced to endure. It is the ages old struggle of freedom against tyranny.

Today, tyranny wraps itself in the banners of "free trade", "globalization", "sustainable development", and "evironmentalism". Unfortunately, while the PTB strip America of its liberties and industries in the name of these banners, they transfer the means of production to Asia and the only difference is that the pollution once generated in America by industry owned by the Unfettered Capitalists, is now created in China, while the workers there make only forty cents an hour. Meanwhile the pollution continues unabated, and these captains of industry make greater profits than ever before, while stripping the middle class in America and Europe of its just participation in economic prosperity.

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